how funds help

$25 will pay for one essentials bag, which includes a first aid kit.

$75 pays for one van rental to take 5 students, a youth leaders and an adult driver safely to and from their adventure for the day.

$125 will enable us to buy six headlamps for camping trips, or ten pairs of good wool socks to keep our kids' feet dry, or 8 fleece hats for trips to the snow.

$250 pays for 3 pairs of good quality, kid sized, hiking boots for the gear locker. On the average weekend, about 40 pairs of boots are used on outings, sometimes more.

$375 pays for a snowshoe day trip to Mt. Lemmon for 15 elementary school youth and 5 adults. Includes snowshoe rentals, lunch and snacks, and transportation.

$525 pays for an overnight trip to Mogollon Rim for 15 middle school youth and five adults. Includes food, rental van, and permits.

$750 pays for a rafting trip along the Salt River for 18 people including lunch, snacks and transportation for all.

$1000 pays for 15 youth and 5 adult chaperones to take a 2-night outing to Grand Canyon. Your donation covers two van rentals, gas, food for six meals, snacks, entry and campground fees.

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to support our mission

As a non-profit organization, Tucson ICO accepts both monetary and equipment (in kind) donations. These donations are used primarily to conduct and fund youth group outings. Outing costs can include transportation, park or facility entry fees, food and supplies. In addition, a small amount of our yearly budget goes to training new volunteers and keeping our skills up to date. This might include first aid training or other leadership training programs.

As you probably know, the past few years has seen a remarkable drop in grant funding and Tucson ICO has had to find other sources of income to continue our mission. Last year, our ICO chapter spent over $10,000 to fund trips for youth. Please help us continue our outings. All donations are tax-deductible through the Sierra Club Foundation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

monetary donation

You can make a tax-deductible financial contribution to Tucson ICO directly through the National Sierra Club website. Simply click on the big orange button below and you will be directed to a secure website. It's a fast, safe and simple way to help our mission.


equipment (in-kind) donation

As far as gear is concerned, ICO gladly accepts outdoor gear (e.g., camping equipment, tents, backpacks, etc.) and clothing for our participants (warm clothes, backpack clothes, socks, etc.) so long as they are in really good condition. We feel it is important that our participants and leaders have quality, reliable gear for our outings. For equipment donations, please email our equipment manager Mike McLeroy.

Equipment Wish List
Eco-friendly reusable water bottles
First Aid kit supplies
Head Lamps
Large coolers
Warm clothing (sweaters, jackets, hats and gloves)

Thank you for remembering ICO and the people we serve.