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About Inspiring Connections Outdoors - St. Louis


The mission of the Sierra Club's Inspiring Connections Outdoors program is to promote personal development by linking cultures, fostering respect of self and others and providing leadership skills to promote appreciation and protection of our local and global environments through a process of personal growth and sharing. The Inspiring Connections Outdoors program meets these goals by providing safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences for persons who might not otherwise have them.

General Information

Our goal is to introduce children to nature. Many of the youth who are involved with Inspiring Connections Outdoors have never been to our local parks and conservation areas. We observe and talk about flora, fauna, habitats, the interconnections between species, and man’s impact on the environment. Our leaders give groups time to just have fun, explore, and soak in nature. Sierra Club Inspiring Connections Outdoors is a community outreach program that provides opportunities for St. Louis urban youth and adults to explore, enjoy and protect the natural world.

  • We are an all-volunteer organization and responsible for all of our own fundraising.
  • We are one of 50 Inspiring Connections Outdoors groups nationwide that make up the Sierra Club’s national outreach program.
  • Volunteer trip leaders receive safety, first aid, CPR, Sierra Club certified Outings Leader training and must pass a background check.

In the summer of 2014, Inner City Outings became Inspiring Connections Outdoors. The name was changed for two reasons. It didn't represent all participants, which include youth living in rural and suburban areas. "Inner city" has negative connotations that might prevent youth and volunteers from participating. Inspiring Connections Outdoor better reflects the spirit and mission of ICO.

Agencies & Schools

An Inspiring Connections Outdoors leader is assigned to each agency and works with someone within the agency to plan trips. Inspiring Connections Outdoors and agency liaisons schedule and plan trips together. St. Louis Inspiring Connections Outdoors depends on strong relationships with our partnering agencies. Agency liaisons are responsible for providing our release forms to agency participants, youth and adults. St. Louis Inspiring Connections Outdoors has built and fostered relationships with local agencies serving youth. Our current agencies are:

Please contact us at if you would like to become one of our partnering agencies.

Meet Our Volunteers

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