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Sierra Club ICO Mission Statement

  • To promote and develop greater understanding of other cultures, foster respect of self and others, provide leadership skills, and 
  • To protect and appreciate all wilderness through outdoor exploration, education, spiritual growth and sharing

What is Sierra Club ICO?

North Central New Jersey ICO is a volunteer outreach program of the Sierra Club which provides wilderness recreational and learning experiences in the New Jersey and surrounding areas for those parts of the population that would not otherwise experience them. While most of our affiliate groups are youth oriented, ICO also works with adults with special needs. We can work with small groups to develop physical, psychological, emotional, and even academic skills through an outdoor experiences that explore the natural world of the greater metropolitan area.

ICO works with community agencies that want to provide outings programs for members. Agencies may include schools, church and neighborhood youth groups, rehabilitation centers, and outdoor clubs. ICO provides the equipment necessary to conduct safe widerness experiences: daypacks, backpacks, water bottles, cooking gear, sleeping bags, water purifiers and first aid kits. Most ICO outings are conducted free of charge. Outings may include day hikes, backpacking, canoeing, white-water rafting, bicycling and cross-country skiing.